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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions:

1)      Where can I purchase Vector Cad-Cam?

IMService distributes the English Language version of Vector Cad-cam. Our office is located near Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

Voice: 248-486-3600  Fax: 248-486-3698     E-mail:

Vector may be purchased on-line at our web store located at: 

Purchase Vector On-line at

IF you live in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, or Germany, or wish to purchase Vector Cad-Cam in Dutch, French, German, or Italian language versions, please contact Centriforce directly at: Centriforce e-mai

2)      Are there discounts for Hobby/home or educational use?

YES!  Contact the IMService office to receive educational or personal use pricing.  School lab licenses and industrial site licenses are also available.

3)      What comes with a basic Vector software license purchase? 

-Basic Vector Cad includes 2D and 3D wire frame and 3D surface design.  This includes all the import and export filters such as point cloud, PLC, DXF, IGES, STL, and 3DM

-Basic Vector Cad-Cam includes basic Vector Cad plus, 2D milling, drilling, lathe, 2+4 axis wire EDM/ Foam Cutting, Jobs-which includes tool library, job process list, and simulation, NC-code editor and RS-232 (serial) send-receive. Also included is Macro Tool Bar – MTB for programming the Vector Cad interface, a gear design program, and 2, centerline engraving fonts.

4)      Are there optional add-on capabilities for Vector Cad-Cam?

 -3D surface machining is an optional add-on capability, as is Rotary axis programming.  There is a “Pro” MTB available that is included with the Rotary axis, or can be purchased separately.

5)      Do you sell older versions of Vector Cad-Cam at a discount?

 -No.  Only the latest version of Vector Cad-Cam is available.  Vector is a dynamic living product, Centriforce is continuously adding new features, updating the file import and export filters and user interface to match changing industry and operating system standards, and fixing or enhancing the existing features. 

6)      Does Vector Cad-Cam require a dongle or is it CPU locked to a single computer?

 -No to both questions.  The Vector Cad-Cam license authorizes the user to install Vector on two computers and permits use on either, but not both at the same time.

 7)      Do you charge for product support?

 -IMService provides limited phone support, e-mail, fax, and web based support at no charge.

-We sometimes offer training classes at our facility, or on-site at customers facilities on a fee basis.

-Dedicated phone tutoring is also available on a pre-arranged fee basis.